The planning of any event does not quite end until the event has ended, and this is especially true for weddings. You always feel like you’ve missed something or you start to have an idea of what more you could do. On the day of the wedding you shouldn’t have anything to stress about, so leave out all the wedding planning to the bridesmaid or a close family member.

1. Don’t get a facial on the wedding dayThis is a big no even if it is from a luxurious spa, you never know when things can backfire. Experiencing a chemical reaction on the day of your wedding is the last thing you need. Carry out the spa treatment at least a week before your wedding to be safe.

2. Avoid shoes you haven’t worn beforeDon’t wear shoes that you’ve never worn before on your wedding day, have a backup shoe if something goes wrong with your wedding shoes. There’s the possibility of getting blisters or a sore foot if you walk in the shoes for the first time. Ensure that you wear a shoe you are already comfortable with.

3. Don’t stay on the phone all dayIn today’s digital world, we tend to post everything we do on social media and text everyone all the time. But avoid doing this on your wedding day, the post about the jazz band hire in Sydney that plays your favorite song can wait another day. You should soak every moment of this day.

4. Don’t forget to eatWell, it is pretty easy to forget to eat with all that wedding jitters, but this is going to eventually affect you and make you moody and less energetic. Get your bridesmaid to ensure that you’ve had both your breakfast and lunch no matter what.

5. Don’t wait until the wedding to hear the musiciansThe music is an important aspect of the wedding, so make sure that you\’ve already seen the performance live and not just through samples before getting a band for hire.

6. Don’t write your vows This is a whopping no, you should never write your vows on the day of the wedding. First of all, you won’t really have the time to write it and secondly, you won’t be able to think about what to write with all that wedding anxiety.And lastly, don’t freak out if something goes wrong, anticipate what ifs and prepare ahead or trust your bridesmaid or family to handle the issue.