Having to plan something and find the right caterer during a difficult time can feel overwhelming. However, this is a time where all friends and family members can lend their support to each other. Making the necessary arrangements for a funeral or planning a wake includes a meal for the people who have come to show their support and honour the departed. It’s easier when there are people to help you, so do ask friends and family for recommendations or support when it comes to planning a meal for the event – there are some necessary factors to consider when making the arrangements.

Look At The Venue

You can refer to the venue when it comes to deciding how formal the menu needs to be when making the arrangements. If you plan on having a buffet-style wake you will need room for chafing dishes – which are quite ideal to keep food warm for a long period of time. If the event will be hel d at a funeral parlour, a more formal menu can be planned out with food items that are easier to handle.

Decide On The Caterer

You can look for funeral catering services and packages that would suit your budget and make things easier, rather than cooking a large spread for many people. However, it’s common for friends and family to bring food to comfort the family of the deceased. It’s a matter of selecting a menu that is also practical, and caterers also provide special menus for funerals.

Select Comfort Food Or Family Favourites

If you are having something at home, comfort food such as casseroles or even dishes that the deceased enjoyed can be some ideal additions to the menu. Unlike party or corporate catering in Melbourne, there can be more focus on foods that are homelier and less formal. You will also need to make a rough estimate on how may people will be attending, and make sure there is enough food if you are expecting a large crowd. If there won’t be much room to sit down or room for tables with utensils, finger foods or pastries can work quite well too.

Have Enough Refreshments

Another important thing that needs attention is the refreshments – which can include tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages in moderation. The attendees need to be hydrated especially since there will be a lot of moving around and interaction. There should be enough to serve those who will be attending – you can even have special drink that the deceased enjoyed to make things more personal.